Today's forecast at local time - Humid. Storm likely.

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Weather Forecast by BOM logo

Weather Forecast by BOM logo

Day Min Max Rain Forecast
Tuesday 25 °C 90%   Humid. Storm likely.icon
Wednesday 14 °C 20 °C 70%  0-3 mm Shower or two.icon
Thursday 12 °C 19 °C 30%  0-0.4 mm Cloudy.icon
Friday 12 °C 19 °C 40%  0-0.4 mm Possible shower.icon
Saturday 13 °C 21 °C 5%   Partly cloudy.icon
Sunday 11 °C 29 °C 0%   Mostly sunny.icon
Monday 16 °C 33 °C 0%   Partly cloudy.icon
Issued: 5:03 am Tuesday February 18    Next routine issue: 4:05 pm Tuesday February 18